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Yuma is rich with multicultural heritage and amazing historic sites. Eighty years before the Pilgrims stepped foot on Plymouth Rock, Europeans were living in Yuma, the safest place to cross the mighty Colorado River for hundred of miles. We’ll have a lot to see and do, on this whirlwind tour, including a stop at the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park. Authorized in 1875, with a construction budget of $25,000, the Yuma Territorial Prison only operated for 33 years, but that was long enough to leave behind a fearsome legacy. A total of 3,069 prisoners, 29 of them women, lived within the prison’s granite walls, surrounded by the powerful Colorado River and the unforgiving desert. We’ll tour the prison, along with the Colorado River State Historic Park—home to the Yuma Quartermaster Depot, once the beating heart of all military outposts in the American Southwest. At this site, beginning in 1864, on high ground above the Colorado River, the U.S. Army warehoused a six-month supply of food, clothing and ammunition for forts in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas, along with more than 900 mules and their teamsters. Ocean vessels brought goods to the Gulf of California, where they were transferred to steamboats for the trip upriver to Yuma, and then later dispersed overland by the legendary 20-mule teams. We’ll explore these historic sites, along with downtown Yuma, and we’ll stop by Lute’s Casino for lunch on self. A great favorite with the locals, Lute’s was built in 1901 as a general store, turned into a pool hall in 1920, and is now a no-frills greasy spoon—dishing up cheeseburgers, sandwiches and some traditional Mexican dishes. There is much to explore in Historic Yuma. Call in your reservations and join us.

Depart: Mesa 7:30 a.m. Phx 8 a.m. NW 9 a.m. R: 6 p.m.


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