Mission and History

To promote friendship and memorable life experiences through travel. 

TJ’s Travel Club for Seniors was founded in 1984, and was rebranded Kindred Tours in 2017.  For over three decades we’ve been exploring the world in small groups, steadfastly committed to our mission: “To Promote friendship and memorable life experiences through travel.”  From China to the Galapagos, with plenty of destinations in between, we’ve offered a more intimate travel experience that has sparked thousands of lifelong friendships, over multiple generations.   TJ’s Travel Club for Seniors was rebranded Kindred Tours to reflect the evolution of our organization, and to be more inclusive of our long-time Club Members and a new generation of Travelers. 

Dr. Jeff Reed has a life-changing idea.  As a young psychologist with a practice limited to the terminally ill, Jeff knew that travel offered scientifically backed health benefits—mentally, physically and emotionally.  He decides to try group travel as a means of treating depression.  Chartering a motor-coach filled with his own patients, Jeff leads a tour to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  The success of that first tour was incredible, and it was clear that a movement was underway.  Just one week later he launches “TJ’s Travel Club for Seniors,” a private travel club that would have membership in the hundreds within a matter of months. 

Our organization celebrated its 33rd anniversary, and was rebranded KINDRED TOURS.  Our mission continues: To promote friendship and memorable life experiences through travel!