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The once dreary streets of downtown Phoenix have exploded with dozens of larger-than-life murals, completely transforming the way we view public space.  Downtown Phoenix, now bursting with color, has become a must-see destination—this phenomenon is ever evolving, as young artists draw inspiration from blank walls and new murals debut seemingly overnight.  Offering all the thrill of an urban scavenger hunt, this whirlwind driving tour couldn’t be more fun!  We’ll also enjoy lunch, included, at The Eagles Buffet at Casino Arizona , where Wednesday’s carving board includes NY strip loin and pork steamship.  We’ll also enjoy fried chicken and waffles, green chili cheese tamales, homemade soups, a fresh salad bar, endless sides, a fabulous Chinese dim sum station, desserts to die for and so much more.  Don’t miss it!

Depart: Mesa 9 a.m. Phx 9:30 a.m. NW 10 a.m. R: 4 p.m.